Minted NFTs
Burned JUN
Burned JUNC


JUN Meta offers P2E Game that applies revenue model of DeFi, centered around NFT.


Mint NFT to play the games in JUN META.

Various NFTs are ready to be mint! Build up your own collection!


Try out one of the many other games in JUN META!

More exciting games coming to JUN META!


Players can participate in JUN META's Eco system and Earn rewards by playing games!

Experience the cutting-edge technology of Game+Defi and earn rewards through playing games in JUN META!

JUN Metaverse & NFT

NFT is the mainstream of JUN META.

Use NFTs to play games and use it as an image that represents you in metaverse.

We strive to evolve the ecosystem by connecting DeFi, Game, Marketplace, and Scholarships that centers around NFT.

JUN Meta's first NFT is JOKER NFT, also called as POT.
Minting of JOKER NFT is decided under following categories and there are total of 100k variation.
Background · Skin Color · Hair Color · Eye Color · Tatoo · Mouth · Outfit · Accessory
The reference values for each item are divided into 80 total, 10 each.

Token Burning System

Purpose of NFT in JUN Meta is to serve as core part in burning JUN and Game Token. With Continuous Burning Mechanism, JUN and game token will mutually co-operate to stabilize the price.

CBA(Continuous Burning Mechanism) is the core system of JUN META. Token used on NFTs will be continuously burned and value of those tokens will be preserved through your NFTs.

JUN META’S burning mechanism brings stability to algorithm and prioritize user monetization.


  • 2022. 1Q
    JUN Casino Launch, the first game of JUN Meta P2E Social Casino allows everyone a chance to make profits just by playing a game.
  • 2022. 2Q
    JUN META Launchpad Open Add more games to JUN Meta by 3rd party integration.
  • 2022. 3Q
    Development of a bridge, enabling expansion to other chains.
  • 2022
    During 2022, JUN Meta plans to build a perfect GameFi Ecosystem by launching various genre of games. Many in-game tokens will be minted, and users will be able to swap between game tokens.


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